MEDIUMSHIP CERTIFICATION: How to Get Mediumship Certification?

MEDIUMSHIP CERTIFICATION: How to Get Mediumship Certification?

Today I am honored to have received my Accreditation as a Professional Mental Medium from ASSMPI (American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation, letter HERE).

Mediumship Certification

This is the Seal from ASSMPI.

It will take me three more years to receive a Certification from this organization. I have tried to get Certified by other organizations, but for one reason or other spirit led me here.

Just happened that the contact for ASSMPI knows the Director of the Metaphysical Chapel here in South Eastern Florida. The Director used to be a student of mine!

So I was recommended because my work was known prior to applying for the honors.

MEDIUMSHIP CERTIFICATION: How to Get Mediumship Certification? Where to Start?

Many mediums want to know how they can gain a coveted and valuable certification. There are many ways, but not all hold the same clout or mean the same thing.

There are certifications that come simply from training. While this is something nice to have, it could not and should not hold the same value as a certification which includes years of study, tests and approval by a Certification Board.

The Certification I offer is a training certification. If you take the training the Certification is for taking the training. You are not tested.

There are other Certifications which are given primarily for the training, some even for a few hours or days of training like the following.

Doreen Virtue’s at home Certified Medium course HERE.

The following Certifications are a mix of self paced video, support forums and intensive in person workshops which include some testing.

James Van Praagh’s Mediumship Certification Courses HERE.

Lisa Williams Mediumship Certification Courses HERE.

There are some forms of Mediumship Certifications which evaluate your existing work, not train you. They hold the most clout in terms of credentials as these organizations are not making money from training you, they usually are non profit and do not charge a fee to be evaluated. lists mediums who are credentialed from these types of organizations. Some of the most famous mediums in the world are members of these organizations.
Organizations Accepted Immediately for listing on the Referral Site Include.
ASSMPI (this is the one I am now Accredited under and will seek Certification from)
FFF (This is the Forever Family Foundation, famous for The Long Island Medium, Kim Russo and Joanne Gerber)
If you would like to get a mediumship Certification I feel one from training is a great way to start. Then when you feel you are ready you can move on to those organizations who are there merely to evaluate you.
That type of a certification holds the most value.


Spirit Medium Laura.

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