Across the Lake

The United States- A life by the water

My Minnesotan life style is a simple one. I surround myself with the outdoors when weather permits, as well as dogs. I find myself relaxed and please around water and sunshine. The US is my home, and every where I go is generally surrounded by the same culture.

The sun peaks over a Minnesota lake.
A fire held near the lake at night
My dogs, Riley and Grady, play fetch in the lake
Two dogs play together on a beach in North Carolina
Pelicans posed on a boat dock in Florida

Italy- Ancient Architecture

In the few times I have been granted the opportunity to visit other countries, I am surrounded by new culture and language. I am a visitor in the space, and I find myself amazed with all of the differences. The color and age of buildings and art, the sights I see and the food I eat. Every country is very separate from my America.

Architecture found in the dry heat of a Roman summer
View from a window in Vatican City
One small portion of a long, intricate hallway in the Vatican
On the outskirts of Vatican city
Buildings set into the side of the mountainous Amalfi Coast
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