My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

I follow you on Twitter, and enjoy your input. You seem to be a thoughtful, intelligent good human being.

Now, I completely understand what you’re saying here. Often in life we fail to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes, and that’s what gets us in trouble.

But, may I suggest that you do the same also? I’m white. However, I’ve never owned a slave nor have I ever condoned slavery. Yet, I’m constantly reminded that 150 years ago there was slavery and somehow that’s my fault. It’s somehow my fault that Jim Crow happened and that lynching happened far too often in our history. Have you ever thought through the reason why conservatives give you statistics? Has it ever occurred to you the reason might be they’re trying to defend themselves from the hurtful accusations they are somehow responsible for the horrors of slavery because of the color of their skin? Instead of getting your feathers ruffled, would it be too much to ask that you do what you demand others’ do — put yourself in their shoes? I guarantee that if both sides did that, we wouldn’t have the racial mess that we find ourselves in.

Slavery is a terrible stain on our nations’ history. But I would also remind you that, not only did white people put your ancestors in chains, there were thousands and thousands of white people that died and sacrificed so that those chains would be done away with. Somehow, the sacrifices of whites who did so much to free the slaves is conveniently forgotten — a forgotten fact of history that is so easily brushed aside.

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