I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

I cannot begin to describe the problems with this article. I am not a trans woman, but I am fundamentally aware of how oppression functions in this society. This perspective is so limited in its approach its almost surprising. But it is a sharp reminder of how privilege can delude us in to believing that we deserve what we have. The best I can say is please stop and please listen. Please stop venting your frustrations publicly, to the incredible detriment of other people, solely because your voice isn't being heard and validated to the extent that you believe it should. This is so harmful. You are hurting people. You are fighting and playing the game that binds us all. But you, as a cis women, have more privilege than trans women. You are more afraid of losing that privilege than actually working towards your own liberation, and that of everyone else who is oppressed. Please listen to the experiences of others, and please stop assuming that you understand or know their oppression. If you are pitting yourself against other people, you have absolutely not been listening enough. Read more. Listen more. Talk less. Until what you say echos and strengthens the voice of other people, not tears them down.

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