Hiring and Employing an INTJ
Amanda Krause

This article is fantastic. This is exactly me at work. I’ve been reading several articles about work and human resources and found a lack of “introvert” or even just a not-so-outgoing point of view. For example, the office as a place where everyone is trying to distract you, or being critisized because you prefer to advance your work rather than having the mid-morning coffee with all your colleagues (where you know you would be uncomfortable and thinking about all the time you are wasting). I wish this type of alternate vision of hiring other ideal profile of worker rather than the “charming extrovert”, because sometimes is hard for introverts to find a good job, because the hiring process doesn’t show our skills at their best (What you say about interviews or missing job offers because you don’t attend to many networking events or don’t have the contacts to tell you). I also hate it when the job description says something like “Teamworking skills” as a requirement. In my experience, teamworking is sometimes one person doing almost all the job, and who would probably do it better alone, so why is to work alone (and being good at it) viewed as it is the worst of the worst? I’ve discovered a while ago an author that is trying to spread the idea of “understanding” the introvert skills, I guess you already know her, but just in case, is this woman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4 I really think this vision of appreciating both extrovert and introvert skills and what every type of personality can give in the workplace is great (I also think the MBTI is a good tool for work organisation, because it could improve the quality of the work by helping with the task distribution).

Well, I think all I wanted to say is “thank you” for your work at spreading this ideas, about introverts, INTJs, etc that are sometimes misunderstood. I really liked the article.

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