Ever feel like this when building your mobile apps?

AeroGear’s got the solution for you!!

AeroGear Digger is built on OpenShift by Red Hat, installed using Ansible and leveraging container Technology to build Mobile Application binaries in the cloud from native or cordova source code.

Take the stress out of building your mobile applications using the automation provided by AeroGear Digger, built on Jenkins Pipelines.

Developed in the open, this project is driven by it’s users needs. The code for this project can be found on github, including the Ansible installer, the main project including sample Jenkinsfiles, container image code (android-sdk, android-slave) and Jenkins cli tool. Centralised documentation is hosted on aerogear.org along with other Mobile Products by AeroGear.

Finally a solution to building Mobile Applications in the cloud!!

Check out or video below:


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