Last Day of Camp

We highly recommend working with friends.

It’s the last day of Signal Camp. Fiona and I wrote up our thoughts about our time together. And, what’s next:

In the fall of 2011, we started talking about user relationships being foundational to companies’ success. Between the two of us, we had had many brain-picking discussions with founders about how best to engage users, sometimes before a product even existed. And Signal Camp, a consultancy to help technology companies build community, was born.

Branding courtesy of the fab Laura Helen Winn.

Four years later, we’ve built a business from the ground up, worked with brilliant, thoughtful people and teams trying to change the world from all angles. We approached each project from the perspective of integrating community and product to holistically improve user experience. We focused on growing relationships, genuine communication, and strengthening an organization through authentic engagement.

Our client work started with and ended with eBay, and in between we launched many startups alongside their founding teams, including Storehouse, Fitstar, Secret, and Trullo. We’ve spoken about the intersection of community and product at TrueU, Women Catalysts, Rothenberg Founder’s Field Day and Passion Projects. And, we’re proud of helping two excellent non-profits with their important work: The Tipping Point Community and the Who Leads Us campaign.

Now, at the celebration of our four year mark, we’re ready to move on to the next steps of our respective careers. This is our final week of client work, after which we’re wrapping up the operations side of the business and taking some much needed time off.

What’s next? What’s next!

Fiona will be embarking on a couple road trips for the remainder of the year. Professionally, she’s hoping to make an impact with her next role, whether that’s at a non-profit or a cause-driven organization.

I am heading to Iceland Airwaves during the first week of November, followed by some family time in Florida. After that, I am looking for a Product Manager role on a team focused on collaboration, user engagement and inclusion.

Know of an impact or product role we should know about? Want to high five or grab coffee? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

We’re incredibly grateful for the clients and friends that have believed in and supported us over these years. We, of all people, know that you can’t do this without a strong community.

The talented Sarah Deragon took these photos of us.