CNA Week 5

Trump Deletes Tweets after Backing Alabama Primary Loser

To people’s surprise, Roy Moore won the recent Alabama election causing President Trump to delete his tweets endorsing the opposing candidate Luther Strange. Trump has now expressed his full support of Moore. Moore is known as an ultraconservative Republican who has been de-benched twice from the Alabama Supreme Court.

Republicans Unveil Tax Plan, Calling for Doubling Deduction and Cutting Rates

On Wednesday, Republicans unveiled their new tax reform plan, hoping to simplify how we file taxes and free up our income to boost the economy. They also hope to eliminate the federal deduction from state and local taxes. Opposition has already arisen to this plan, saying the plan eases up too much on the wealthy.

A Classic Car Shop Where At-Risk Kids Learn to Build a Future

In 2015, Aaron Valencia began the Lost Angels Children’s Project, an after-school program training children to restore classic cars. Many of these children are foster or at-risk children. Valencia works to make it less about the cars and more about the children he is able to impact.

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