History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Very very interesting essay. I am archaeologist too and I always was told that I am overthinking or over analyzing stuff. As well as that what I am saying is too much of far fetched thing. But I see I am not alone, and I think that’s because when I think of what is happening now I tap into the knowledge that has not only been collected during 100 years but also the knowledge that has been preserved from long long time ago. I truly believe that there is a reason why some people say to know the future you need to learn the past. And so many civilizations rised to be in the best positions that they could but than found some reasons to tear themselves and everything around them down. Sad part it’s something that happened again and again, we as human race tend to follow the same pattern. Sure some pieces in it changes, methods of self destruction too. But in a long shot the same pattern for the most part remains. But it’s actually something that happens not only to humans. Not that long ago scientist let the mouses to live in perfect conditions. For few generations mouses were just happy, and thriving. But than at some point they realized that everything is provided for them and there is no natural selection happening. They started building really strong hierarchy and biting the weaker ones. At the same time they lowered birth rates and became aggressive towards children (since now the older ones were living much longer and were not willing to give up their place in hierarchy to the younger ones). Very soon, those few who were still creating babies were killing them right after the birth. Interesting part was that at the same time some mouses became reclusive self absorbed individuals (that could have been told because they had no bite marks and were spending all time just eating and cleaning themselves). In the end that was the last group surviving. So they were placed in other containers with even more space in hope that they will restart the population. But they kept their habits and in the end died of old age.

Why I mentioned this. It’s that humans act in similar way. We gain knowledge and very comfortable way of living we create society and make rules, we rise to certain point where we have almost anything we want and than we turn against each other, bringing everything down. The difference between mouses and us we are not in controlled lab environment so even once big part of us falls down and is never seen some other part rises up and takes our place. That happened many many times… And sadly without any intervention will happen again and again.

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