My Plan to Support Paid Leave and Strong Families
Marco Rubio

Good article. I am learning a lot following our writers. I really like the idea of open communication and encouraged q&a for readers.

So…few questions…

Aside from the gift of “time,” what does this approach of empowering families provide our nation? I understand the need for strong families- it is imperative. I am an entrepreneur myself, a single mother, and I also struggle with balancing said role with living a social and spiritual life.

I recognize the issues in the workplace as I agree families are divided due to schedules and our modern-day lifestyle. But how is this going to help our children and change our nation’s future in 50 or 100 years?

What is the actual root problem we are trying to solve here? What are you looking to find a solution for? What do you think this will accomplish besides allowing us to have more time to spend in times of need?

Off the bat, I think if the root issue is to provide families with stronger connections…we could more permanently do so by encouraging families to change their homes from within. Simple habits like “putting down the phone” and “going to church (or something that grows peace inside equally inside your soul)” or even “enjoying dinner together without TV…around an actual dinner table… with home-cooked love.”

I’m all about spending time, don’t get me wrong…but please explain HOW it helps us.

I’d like to hear your thoughts!