I Believe

There has been a lot written about what is happening in the United States and the Women’s March. Some people question why women would even consider marching. Some find it objectionable.

My take on why? I believe that in the United States it is the right of any citizen to protest peacefully. I believe that women have as much right to march as anyone else. I believe that people concerned about the direction of their government have a right to object and to show their government that they do not support the government’s actions.

While I am not a citizen of the United States, nor do I live in that country, I live in one of the United State’s neighbouring countries. Decisions made by the current government will impact me, to a greater or lesser extent, not just because Canada is the United State’s largest trading partner (contrary to what several presidents seemed to understand), but because I often travel into the United States.

Since I am an old white woman, I don’t expect to be personally affected much by the legislation being enacted by the current president. I’m not Muslim. I’m not brown. I have no criminal record. This is a position of privilege I am well aware of and do not take for granted. But it also puts the onus on me to observe that people who are of a different religion, different culture, different colour, *are* being impacted by this direction the current U.S. government is taking.

Women (and men) in the United States are objecting to the loss of their health care, their security (with a president that advocates assault on women, more men are justifying their attacks by saying the president condones it, so why not?) Women are objecting to government officials who deny science, deny the separation of church and state, advocate ‘gay conversion “therapy”’, the stripping of rights from anyone they object to.

The Women’s March was peaceful and zero arrests were made. People exercising their right to protest did so.

Different women (and men) marched for different reasons. All of them had the right to do so. To call them ‘vile’ and other nasty things is to not understand the current level of rights in the United States. Rights that this government seems intent to destroy.

That is what I believe.

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