11:51pm — From a Public Shitter
Heath Houston

Beautiful Man,

You are human and emotions are unpredictable. So many things trigger emotions that we have NO control over. Music, a smell, laughter, a look, a smile, unconscious thoughts. It takes However long it takes for you to dispense with your emotions. You may no longer be with your woman, but your unconscious is still dealing with her. All you can do is ride the wave.

As for new women, you will know when you are ready to love again. Clearly, not now. You are worthy of love. Let it come to you when you are ready to open your heart again. We are all messes, in our own way.

I was a mess, too. I never thought I would be able to open my heart again after surviving two abusive relationships. I still had remnants of my PTSD and didn’t trust anyone.’s The thought of being vulnerable enough to trust made me physically ill! Yet I refused to give up. If you give up, you end up lonely and alone. I met a wonderful man. He’s so wonderful I cried the first night I met him. Cuz I didn’t believe men like him existed any more. I cried twice! And I usually don’t cry in front of strangers!

I share my story with others because I believe if you keep pushing through difficult times, no matter how hard they are, or how long they last, it’s going to get better. Just don’t ask me how long my difficult times lasted. I’m not talking. It was 5 minutes, I swear. Lol