Lady GaGa Is My Hero
H. Nemesis Nyx

Gaga is seriously talented. Saw a Christmas special with her and Sir Elton John. She was sitting at a piano improvising. Omg, amazing!! Until I saw that, I had no idea what she could do! This was several years ago. Always really loved her music, thought she was a marketing genius when it came to selling herself. Then I saw that. Blew me away. I’m a musician, I play the piano, mostly self taught (lessons were boring). What she can do? I wish I was that good.

And her voice? She sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl earlier this year. I wasn’t really paying, then heard “the voice.” I didn’t even recognize her at first, so used to seeing her made up. Was thinking, damn, who’s the hot blonde with the incredible voice? Omg! It’s Gaga!! So many artists overdue the Anthem. Her’s was perfect.

I am sad that Gaga is a member of our club as well, Cyborg. However, I am not surprised. I was talking to my dad the other day about entertainers. So many of our actors, actresses, singers, songwriters, and comedians have substance abuse problems and broken marriages because they have some type of mental illness. Many people who have mental illness are gifted with brilliant minds or incredible creativity. The problem is they also have to live with the downside of their illness which could be depression, mania, hallucinations, delusions, panic, anxiety, etc. I believe that is why a lot of our entertainers turn to substance abuse: to treat underlying mental health conditions.

My point is Gaga has PTSD after being sexually assaulted. Which leaves you feeling powerless. What better way to overcome feeling powerless than to conquer the world?

Damn. Just had an epiphany. I have PTSD. So, what do I need to conquer?