I read an interesting article titled How Supermarkets Could Help this Vulnerable Group.
D.L. Kirkwood

I’m on the fence about lines for “special” customers. I see the need, but working in retail, I already see scammers getting ready to work around the rules. People are experts at getting whatever they want. You have to put on a 20 pound weight to look pregnant so you can get in a shorter line? Women will do that. They steal and commit coupon fraud on a regular basis.

I absolutely agree with the self-checkouts. I do not like them, for one thing. They are much slower, since I am not an expert at using them. I also really enjoy personal contact with a human being. I like someone having a job! I started my work history as a check-out girl back in the late 80’s. It is even more annoying when you call these large corporations on the phone and you can’t talk to a human being until you go through several menus. So irritating!! We are becoming more efficient. I guess, but so much less personable. I consider that going in the wrong direction. I’m hearing that McDonald’s may have automated drive-throughs at some point. I don’t want I robot handing me food and saying, “Have a nice day” in a monotone robot voice!! Talk about corporations NOT listening to the public……..


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