“I’m not arguing that Trump is Hitler.”
Joe DeCanio

Is it really irrational to be fearful for our country and what we face going forward when Pres.-Elect Trump has named Stephen Bannon, a KNOWN white supremacist as his Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor? I was thinking positive and being hopeful that all that garbage he said during his campaign was simply to “sell himself” like business minded people do. Then he appointed Bannon. The KKK and many neo-Nazi groups have applauded the appointment. This is NOT the way to welcome yourself into the White House and as America’s newest leader. I thought maybe Trump was going to try to get along with the rest of the country. You know, the Hillary voters and those who abstained. That would be the vast majority of the American citizens, not “his” people. Clearly he isn’t, and he does not care to. Well then, he is going to have a fight on his hands. He’s got a whole lot of really pissed off people out there who aren’t going to give him an inch.