America had their Japonese Internment Camps after Pearl Harbour.

It appears you do not understand how America works. This is the first time the Repubs have had both houses and the presidency since…… I have no idea. It’s been a long time. The president, vice-pres, representatives, and senators cannot be “fired,” they have to be Impeached. The Repubs are as likely to Impeach a president of their own party as they are to say no to sex with a hot woman. It’s not gonna happen. Basically, he would have to commit treason. In order to bring charges of Impeachment for treason, you must have TWO witnesses willing to testify. Who is going to testify against the President of the United States?

If you recall, President Bill Clinton was Impeached. That means charges were brought against him. Saying he was Impeached is like saying he was indicted. Once the person in office is Impeached, there is a trial. Then the body overseeing the Impeachment votes yay or nay; to Impeach or retain the official in office. President Clinton was a nay. He remained in office because there were not enough votes to complete his Impeachment.

To other countries American citizens look like they have a lot of political power. The truth is, we live in a capitalist, corporatist, oligarchy where money is power. If you do not have money, you do not have power. Calling our country a democracy, even a representative democracy, is a fallacy. It is a very pretty lie made up hundreds of years ago by the ruling elite. We bought it because when our country was formed, we didn’t understand that the government and the laws were set up to favor the elite and keep them in power. The citizens have had to uprise and fight, en masse, for every major change we’ve needed. We are crying, screaming, for change now. If we do not get it, I fear what the consequences will be in Trump’s America. Whatever they are, he is responsible. He stirred up the masses with all of his promises and his hateful rhetoric. You say it, you own it, Mr. Pres.-Elect Trump.