Feminism Should Come With a Warning Label
Sara Schaefer


I too never fit a mold. To this day. I was a really shy child, kind of nerdy. Always had my head stuck in a book, kept to my own small circle of friends. Had no idea when it came to boys. Not a Tomboy but not girly either. Always a Daddy’s girl. What made it worse was I was very emotionally sensitive. So not very strong. Yet I refused to conform to “feminine” ideals. My parents, especially my dad, raised me to believe I could anything, it didn’t matter that I was a girl. I was raised to be a feminist, I just had to grow into my role.

Fast forward 30 years, I went through some major shit. Couple of abusive relationships, divorce, major family issues, and I’m a completely different person. I’m that feminist you talk about and I don’t care about the warning label, lol! I can get pretty loud, am really opinionated, will laugh when I damn well please, take up as much space as I want, debate with you on a variety of subjects, tell ya when you’re being a jerk (usually men), and make NO apology for who I am. I worked hard to get here. Lots of therapy; lots of introspection.

I do not think feminism should come with a warning label. I think anyone who doesn’t care for feminism needs to get out of our damn way! What is feminism, really? It is simply a group of women (yes, a whole LOT of us) saying we want to be powerful and share equality. That is a threat to the establishment (white male privilege), which men are not comfortable with. Too bad. You are no better than me because you have different sex organs. In fact, I may be better at some things than you because of mine. How about that? Yes, as human beings we are equal. However, males and females, due to their genetic makeup, have inherent strengths and liabilities. Men are physically stronger. Women are great at multi-tasking.

My hope is that future children will be raised to believe that all men and women are equal. In addition, all human beings are worthy of respect, regardless as to their race, sexual orientation (or asexuality), nationality, political choices, PAST MISTAKES, religion, size, appearance, disability, or any other category. I would like to see us stop labelling each other all together and simply see ourselves and others as fellow citizens. Perhaps our nation, and world, would be a better, safer, place, if we could do that.