Name Change After Marriage Checklist

The biggest a.k.a. busiest day of your life just happened and it was amazing…especially now that it’s over!

But there’s “to-dos” after marriage that can be stressful…

You should know that your number one to-do — changing your name after marriage — is easy as long as you’re prepared.

That’s why I created the “Name Change After Marriage Checklist!” I wanted to create the guide I would’ve wanted. I designed it to help you keep track of your name changing needs in the quickest, most informative way possible.

Here’s a cheat sheet for you to see what I’ll be going over:

First Steps: Marriage Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver’s License/I.D.

Daily Life Changes: Mail, Email, Bank Account, Passport, Medical Information, Employment, Bills, Tax Filing, and more…

Hopefully, this guide will help clarify exactly where you need to go, what you need to bring, and how much it will cost you to change your name in all of the important places. Plus some extra tips you might not be thinking of!

So let’s get started…

Name Change After Marriage Checklist — First Steps

The first step to changing your name after marriage is to get your —

Marriage Certificate

Bring with you: Marriage license

Cost: Varies by state

Whether you or your officiant sends it, to get your Marriage Certificate, your signed marriage license needs to go to your courthouse. Once they receive it, you will be able to get your Marriage Certificate.

Resource: Check your state’s requirements here.

Time Estimate: Marriage Certificate usually received within 2 business weeks.

Social Security Card

Bring with you:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Your old Social Security card
  • Current form of I.D. (Make sure these are valid and not expired!)
  • (optional) Printed & filled out SS-5 Form.

Cost: Free

Find a nearby office with the Social Security Office Locator.

To save the most time:

  1. Print and fill out a SS-5 Form.
  2. Go to the SS Office just before opening when there’s no line to save hours.

You can mail it to your local office as well, but you will be mailing originals or certified copies. [Per the SSA website “All documents submitted must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. We cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents.”]

IMPORTANT: In some states like California, you need to make sure that you change your Social Security card before you change your ID card at the DMV.

DO NOT FILE TAXES UNTIL THE IRS IS AWARE OF THE NAME CHANGE. When changing your name after marriage, it will take the SSA 10 business days to notify the IRS. When filing, if you’re married before December 31 you are considered married for the current tax year.

Time estimate: 30 minutes (w/ SS-Form & office opening time) / 2 hours in person / 10 days by mail.

Driver’s License or State I.D. card

Bring with you:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Visit your State’s Department of Transportation website to verify what documents you may need to bring.

Cost: Varies by residence

Go to the DMV and change your name on your Driver’s License or ID. You can save hours if your DMV has long lines by making an appointment ahead of time online.

Important: You can also change your name on your Vehicle Title to make for a smoother transition in the future if you sell your car.

Time estimate: ~45 minutes with appointment/2–4 hours without.

Okay, the extremely important steps are now done, you can work on the next stage…

Name Change After Marriage Checklist — Daily Life Changes


Cost: $1

Thankfully, you can do this part online by filling out the Change of Address form here.

If you are actually moving, make sure to fill out a form for your maiden name and married name — to forward all incoming mail to the correct place.


For Gmail, you have to actually create an entirely new email address with your new name and move your emails, contacts, calendars, files, etc. over yourself.

I recommend a website called which (for a fee) automatically moves your old Gmail account into your new Gmail account with your new name.

This way you’ll be able to email people on an account with your new name AND still have all of your friends and family’s email addresses, your emails, files, calendars, etc.

There are free ways to do this, too, but they can take an annoyingly long time because you have to do them all separately, unfortunately.

For Outlook, it’s much easier! Check out a tutorial here!

Bank Accounts

Bring with you:

  • Marriage certificate

Cost: Checkbook

Change the name on your accounts & order new checks, credit and debit cards.

Bonus Tip

You need to change your name on your acount before you can deposit checks from the wedding made out to your new name — so if you want your money, make sure and do this! :)


Cost: $140 for book and card, $110 for book. Typically $10-$15 per certified copy (optional).

Go to the “Name Changes” section in order to see your requirements!

If you are able to send your important documents in the mail, make sure and use a trackable delivery method.

Option: Because this step asks you to mail in a certified version of your marriage certificate, mailing your only copy might it will be a little bit before you get it back. Consider getting a certified copy of your marriage certificate before you do this.


Cost: Free

Fill out this form for a Medical Record Name Change.

Send it to your medical providers, insurance providers, and specialists along with a copy of your marriage certificate.


Cost: Free

Talk with your Human Resources department about what you need to do to make sure you get your money! ;)

What would a name change after marriage checklist be without making sure you get your money?!

Update your:

  • Tax forms (W-4)
  • Insurance information / Beneficiaries
  • Retirement plan.

Before changing your name with your medical provider, update your name on your insurance information first. Communication issues often arise with insurance/provider if they don’t have the same information.


One thing about changing your name after marriage that most people forget is to make a list of all of your bills and make sure that you’ve contacted those companies about your name change. Provide them with appropriate proof!

  • Electricity, Gas, Water
  • Phone & Internet
  • Rent


Check out the IRS’s Seven Tax Tips for Recently Married Taxpayers.

Name Change After Marriage Checklist — Extra Steps

  • Paypal, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • House Title
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Investment account providers
  • Insurances (Car, Home, renter’s)
  • Gym
  • Subscriptions
  • Student Loans

A Quick Note on Name Change After Marriage Services

There are several Name Change Services like,, and While I’m always up for offering ways to expedite the process, these services are unlikely to do so for you. They will fill out information on some forms for you, but as you can see above there’s no getting around having to actually wait in line in person which is the real work. The general consensus is “not worth the money” right now.

That should be everything, but if there’s anything else you think of that should be added to the Name Change After Marriage Checklist make sure and leave a comment below so I can add it in the future!

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