Life Is Uncomfortable — Time to Get Used To The Idea!

I sometimes joke that my 20’s were an experiment in discomfort! I always thought as I get older, life will get easier. But i’ve found this not be the case. As I have gotten older, I haven’t becoe less uncomfortable with life’s challenges, i’ve just become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Now, I can’t say that it’s always easy, but I believe having a mentality of openness about about feeling discomfort is best. One thing that can make your discomfort worse is being surprised by it. Instead, accept that discomfort is coming your way. And next time you are feeling emotional discomfort, try these tips:

  1. Let yourself know it’s okay to be uncomfortable, annoyed, frustrated…etc.
  2. Stop judging yourself
  3. Forgive yourself openly and quickly
  4. Keep an open mind about it
  5. It usually always feels worse the reality is

Being emotionally uncomfortable has a bad reputation, and I get it, sometimes, the discomfort is totally unbearable. In extreme or even medium extreme cases, the emotional discomfort can be excruciating. If you are experiencing this, i’d encourage you to seek professional help or if you are teen, talk to a trusted adult or guidance counselor.

But for those low level discomfort moments, try to keep an open mind. These uncomfortable feelings are actually important clues that you need to acknowledge and deal with before you can evolve and grow as a person. So instead of writing off the discomfort as a bad, evil thing, only out to get you, try to reframe it in your mind.

So for example, reframing looks like this:

Uncomfortable thought: I failed my test at school. I’m a horrible student, I’ll never get into a good college.

Reframed thought: Shoot, I didn’t score as well as I’d hoped on the test. I am going to look it over to see where I went wrong to try and better understand the material for next time. This subject has never come naturally for me and I know I need to work a little harder. I am going to make a plan for how I can avoid this test result in the future.

Reframing is just one tip for minimizing the discomfort. But let’s face it, life is uncomfortable. So why not just get used to the idea?