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The Migrant Art Lab is dedicated to bringing diverse forms of artistic expression by migrants and artists into the public domain.

Through collaborative, cross-cultural projects using the universally comprehensible medium of art, we aim to strengthen and enrich the co-creation of human communities and foster long-term organic integration. Our Lab aims to facilitate the inclusion of artistic expression of migrants (new and old) into wider society and the public space. Furthermore, through these happenings and intra-actions, we aim to co-create new approaches to migration and embracing difference in society.

Integration is a concept that has become a buzzword, and its meaning is interpreted in many different ways. Migrants and Artists Art Lab understands integration as a dynamic process involving two or more parties that work together to make a cohesive, balanced and harmonious whole.
We are contributing to making human communities successful and sustainable while organically embracing diversity.

Latest collaborations:

Identity Campaign: building sustainable communities & hybrid identities with LLG LOC artist

LLG LOC visionary artist creates photo stories and video installations that challenge stereotypes and create diversity, involving all types of people from friends to ordinary people. The Campaign represents a series of pictures under the shape of portraits (head of charge) inscribed with compelling truths about human diversity.

Photo credit @LLGLOC for @MigrantIntegrationLab

“When art militates for peace” with Carmen Emanuela Popa, Conceptual garments designer- Social Design & Fashion Innovation

Breaking down stereotypes, violence & exclusion with Migrant Integration Lab : The renowned International artist Carmen Emanuela Popa is known as leading conceptual garments designer, and not only. She describes herself as “an artist who militates through his work for peace and non-violence and addresses as man to man of ordinary human beings.”

Her unique work with innovative character goes beyond the limits of stereotypes, borders and invites the public to a complex and intransigent dialogue on the social issues that are now intensifying in the contemporary world. She launches through her work to manifest a message of tolerance and love under all forms of expression of the disfavoring or happier actors of humanity.

Her unconventional concepts have appeared in publications such as British Vogue, Tatler UK, Huffingtonpost, Parismodes TV, ITAR-TASS, in the specialized press in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, and Romania.

Photo credit @CarmenEmanuelaPopa for @MigrantIntegrationLab

Calais Jungle” with Ludovica Anzaldi documentary pictures & exhibition with Migrant Integration Lab

“Here migrants have built a small “city” in the mud waiting to cross illegally those 43 miles that separate them from England. Some want to reunite with what is left of their families; some have simply lost everything and want to rebuild their lives away from wars that they do not feel theirs; others simply dream of a better world and think they might find it there. Everyone has a different reason, but they have in common a desperate search for peace. In the Jungle of Calais you will find families, children, and, for the most part, youths of 20–30 years of age that have survived grueling travels. Despite the brutal conditions these migrants find themselves in, hope and desire to succeed are still in their eyes and in their stories”…

About: Ludovica Anzaldi is an Italian photographer currently based in Paris, France. She grows up in Italy, between Rome and Sicily where she comes from. After attending an artistic high school in Rome, she moves to Paris. In 2012 she attends the Parisian School of Photography Speos, and after she takes an internship as archivist at the Magnum Photos Paris.

In 2014, she starts attended the ESAG Penninghen. In her images, Ludovica Anzaldi tries to represent the human being in all his complexity, his darkness, his poetry, his sensuality. She chooses to shot women bodies to illustrate her purpose because it’s through their curves that Life happens.

On each image, her models share a piece of their existence, in which the viewer can easily find himself, by travelling inside one’s intimacy, getting at the source of our own genesis. Through this questioning she proposes many different ways of life.

Photo credit @LudovicaAnzaldi for @MigrantIntegrationLab

Migrant Stories & Hope with Férial/ Grande-Synthe, La Chapelle and Ivry

Raising awareness on migration with Migrant Integration Lab

Graduate of Decorative Arts of Nice (Villa Arson), major of promotion at the School of Art Beaubourg (Paris) with a graphic thesis on Serge Gainsbourg (with the congratulations of the jury), Férial opens the doors of the world by graphic design and of communication.

She is the official photographer of Patti Smith since 2016. In October 2016 she started photographing three humanitarian centers: Grande-Synthe in Nord Pas-de-Calais, La Chapelle in Paris and Ivry. Her insatiable curiosity and her “almost mystical fervor for the arts” nourish her artistic quest.

Photo credit @Férial for @MigrantIntegrationLab

Link Art Projects & Migrant Integration Lab #LifeJackets workshop

LiNK is an international network of young artists struggling against any form of social and cultural rejection. Link art projects organizes exhibitions under the form of “Workshops solidaires et artistiques” .These workshops are mixing art students and refugees artists. The latest workshop used as material the safety jacket. Beautiful works of art were compeled.

Photo credit @LinkArtProjects for @MigrantIntegrationLab

Integration and Craft with Natalia Baudoin & Migrant Integration Lab

“Crafting for Change” is a project from the Development Division from Sorbonne for the United Nations Organisation SONU. This project aims to help communities in distress through the development of craftsmanship. In order to achieve this, three workshops linking design students and craftsmen take place: in Argentina and in France.

In Paris, refugee craftsmen are currently working with design students from The Sorbonne University. The aim of it all is to create a positive image for these communities, refugees and rural craftsmen in order to enhance their social and economic integration into society.

About the Designer: Natalia Baudoin is a Bolivian and Venezuelan designer temporarily based in Paris. After obtaining her degree at the National Fine Arts School of Lyon (France) Natalia moved to Argentina where she worked with indigenous and marginalised communities developing productive activities enhancing crafts and native cultural knowledge. At the same time, she did a postgraduate course in furniture design and never ceased to develop creative design projects. She is also part of the Open Design International Network.

She believes that design can be a tool for social integration that enhances local identities, knowledge and culture. Her work is a dialog between her several cultural influences creating expressive objects with symbolic value.

Her work has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, and Córdoba (Argentina) and Paris (France).

Photo credit @NataliaBaudoin for @MigrantIntegrationLab

Dezavidart kids & Migrant Integration Lab


Iragi Zabona Dezaira an activist refugee Artist & Journalist from Congo and the founder of the Dezavidart Innovation (Dezaira Bin Zabona Art and Videography )foundation. He opened up a free school for children called “Dezavidart kids” as to help children with problems (language barriers, financial issues, etc) to be enrolled in Uganda education. There chidren are exploring arts: photography, video, painting…

He is a global artist : “ I love drowning with acrylic and make sculpture with mastic” says Dezaira . In addition to paintings, Dezaira also enjoys expressing himself through hip hop, video art, and poetry. Photo credit @Dezaira for @MigrantIntegrationLab.

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