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Freelance Writer & Co-host of the Thoughts from Limbo podcast — sharing stories to feed your curiosity and help you navigate the messiness of life —

No, it has nothing to do with whether you “feel ready”.

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It takes more than just a power nap

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Tap into a new pool of cool and lucrative opportunities

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Your relationship with yourself is inextricably linked with the relationships you form with others

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And overcome the difficulties of growing up across cultures

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It will either boost your learning or totally stunt your growth.

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Developing the ability to stay ahead of the wave and continuously innovate to meet our client’s needs and desires is crucial to our survival.

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Stop waiting for better outcomes and find joy in what you have.

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It’s better late than never to affirm your value

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What doesn’t kill doesn’t always make you stronger.

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Laura Izquierdo

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