The First Day

As part of this journey of self discovery (if I could indulgently call it that), I have started working on Kyle Gray’s Raise Your Vibrations.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea who Kyle Gray was. In fact, I came across his work by complete accident: whilst on a Google binge during a particularly (and uncharacteristically) slow day at the office.

Anyway, as with anything new, I’m starting this book at the very beginning. On lesson one. This is basically about remembering that I’m not embarking on this journey/experiment/fateful path alone. Divine energy is all around us, and we are being supported by the universe.

I have meditated sporadically in my life, each time with no real purpose or intention. Today, I meditated on this idea as encouraged.

Last week I also purchased Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayer Oracle Cards. He suggests meditating with the cards in order to form a bond.

As I meditated, I had my cards sitting beside me. When I felt ready, I decided to pull a card.

This morning had began as a perfectly sunny, crisp day. Coincidence it may have been, but as I pulled a card, a rain shower started.

My spine felt tingly. The sun was still shining outside, hidden behind the temporary clouds. It was a rare moment that felt as if something was shifting.

The card was Express Your Creativity. To me, she felt open and accepting. Almost as if she were welcoming, or had just had, an epiphany. It felt like clarity.

I’ve always been a creative person. The card’s deeper meaning suggested that creativity would be flowing through me, and I should express and share it. I felt an undeniable sense of comfort: I haven’t painted for a few weeks now, feeling uninspired and exhausted. I hoped, that this meant that period would soon pass.

As I was shuffling my deck, another card jumped out. Since I have started learning these cards, this has never happened to me before. The card landed face up, and was The New Beginnings card. Full of shadows and into the light, the card looked exactly as I’ve been feeling internally lately. I’ve been wanting to change my life, yet have been making excuses for myself. Staying in my comfort zone. This felt like a sign that I was, at last, on the right path.

The card’s deeper meaning supports that I am being guided to a new beginning, that a new opportunity will present itself. I feel good that I was shown this today, and I feel optimistic for what may be ahead.

Whatever happens, something inside me is ringing. Now is the time.