“The challenge we all have is the perception that IT is slow and too expensive.”

CROSSMARK’s SVP and CIO on repairing the rift between IT and the Business

SVP and CIO Mike Anderson leads IT at sales and marketing service company CROSSMARK. During his nearly two years there, his focus has been on making an organization-wide technology transformation. The first step? Ensuring IT is meeting the needs of the Business.

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“The challenge we all have is the perception that IT is slow and too expensive.”
At CROSSMARK, Anderson inherited a rift between the Business and IT. He approached this landscape by offering himself as a shepherd of sorts, there to help the business navigate the introduction of cloud software.

“It is amazing what delivering on commitments can do for customer and stakeholder satisfaction.”
Anderson’s advice for doing this is to build applications with a consumer slant. This means the apps need to be simple to use and designed to work on virtually any platform.

“When I sit on CIO counsels, all we talk about is how to maintain relevancy and lead our businesses along the technology journey.”
When other CIOs ask him how best to make a move to a cloud platform, Anderson recommends building applications on a multitenant platform that has an open architecture and robust ecosystem support.

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