Who wants “Poop themed toys” in their stocking?

Apparently… all kids aged 3–7 do!

This year, big retail companies are featuring several toys in the poop genre that are sure to be a hit this holiday season. While this fad seems gross, kids disagree.

Here are my 4-year-old daughter’s top 3 wish list items on her holiday Sh%tlist 2018…

Walmart Toy Catalogue

1. For only $69.99, your child can own this quasi-designer Poopsie Puitton (knock-off of big-time designer Louie Vuitton — except Sh%tt themed). It comes with several mystery items inside that include: slime, glitter, and other sh%t sure to make a mess. It appears to be readily available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

If you thought watching your child watching other children open surprise eggs was weird…check out this poop purse featured below:


2. Barbie Walk and Potty Pup Doll and Playset for $16.79 at Target.

The biggest struggle parents have with getting their children real puppies occurs when nobody wants to walk that puppy two weeks after their newness wears away…but Mattel now makes cleaning up dog Sh%t fun! Before bringing home a real dog, let the kids practice picking up poop with this low-priced toy!

3. Play-Doh Poop Troop Set with 12 Cans for $14.99 at Target ($14.94 at Walmart)

With so many parents hating on Play-doh for its ability to wreak havoc on carpeting and get stuck in small crevasses, it is a top source of helping young children fine tune their motor skills that prepare them for writing in preschool and kindergarten.

Kids can make silly characters and giggle about poop with this soft and squishy, life-like play doh concoction! (They can also make more life-like poop for Barbie’s dog as featured above!)

Happy Holidays, we hope this sh%tlist helps bring the poop fad to your home this season.