Best Microcurrent Machine Reviews

Microcurrent is one of the latest cosmetic procedures which can be done at a spa or even at home. Microcurrent therapy, commonly referred as MENS (Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation), is the use of low level electrical currents that mimic bio currents of the body to tone your facial muscles.

The microcurrent delivered via a probe to your face, will increase the production of ATP, protein synthesis, oxygenation, absorption of nutrients and increase elimination of waste products.

A microcurrent basically re-educates your muscles. Re-education refers to process of lengthening and shortening the muscles.

The devices make use of two probes and a solution to enhance conduction. Current emits from one probe and renters the other probe delivering electric current to facial muscle tissues in the process.

Microcurrent facials are usually done by professionals or dermatologists in clinics. For those who want to save money by skipping salon can get a top rated microcurrent machine for home. You can operate them by yourself and achieve similar results of a clinic at a much lesser cost.

Since you are re-educating the muscle tissue, you will have to do a certain number of sessions for noticeable results.

Once the desired facial tone is achieved, the results can be maintained by regular follow up every 4–8 weeks.

Microcurrent Machine Type Reviews

There are 2 types of microcurrent machines available today.

Microcurrent Machines

These devices uses direct current of strengths in microAmperes(uA) to mimic bio electric signals to lengthen or shorten the facial muscles. The use two probes to deliver microcurrent to your face through a conducting gel.

This improves muscle strength through regular contractions and stretching to smoothen out facial lines and reverse signs of aging. Continuous use is required to achieve the desired muscle toning.

Benefits of Microcurrent Devices

· Reduction of lines and wrinkles on aging skin

· Improve blood circulation and skin radiance

· Reduction in scars, acnes and sun damage spots

· Dark eye circle reduction

· Reduce pores

· Improve skin care products effectiveness

Galvanic Microcurrent Machines

Galvanic microcurrent machines use direct current of milliAmpere(mA) strengths to refresh and stimulate your skin by using a two-step process. The first step called “Desincrustation” in which a gel with negative charge is applied to skin and the device probe makes use of this to push out all dirt and pollutants from the skin.

The next step is called “Iontophoresis” where a positive charge gel is used on cleansed skin to push all skin products to deeper layers for better absorption and toning of the muscles.

Benefits of Galvanic devices

· Improves skin texture and aids in cell regeneration

· Improves penetration of skin care products

· Cleans and oxygenates the cells

· Prevent dirt, makeup, sebum and bacteria build up on the skin

· Reduction in skin pores

· Improvement in black eye

· Skin muscle rejuvenation and firming effects

Microcurrent Machine Features

Some of the important features to look for in these machines are

· Current or Intensity settings that allow you to choose the current strength depending on your needs.

· Portable and compact devices are easy to handle and use compared to bulky heavy machines

· Cordless machines with rechargeable batteries are also useful though wired plugin devices can deliver consistent current output and lasts longer.

· Microcurent machines with a timer setting is useful to preset time for your treatment session

· Display, LED indicator lights, roller and dual node probes, design and shape are other features to consider.

So now that you know what to look for in a microcurrent machine, get started and erase years off your face in no time!

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