Can women thank D. Trump for

being heard during the Women’s march?

The end of January 2017, America. A significant mark was left in people’s hearts all over the world. The most inconsistent victory of Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 45th President’s election in USA on 20th of January and as a consequence — Women’s March on 21st, in Washington. Donald Trump stayed stayed at the top of popularity in social media network for a couple of months after his candidacy offer for the President’s post due to his promised drastic changes for USA. The most discussed ones- Muslims’ ban and pro-abortion funding ban, which were done on his first days of Presidency. Women, who felt their rights are being cut off, raised against the new government to remind that everything that was achieved in the past decade — equality between genders thanks to feminism organizations, still matters and should not be ignored or discriminated.

Some people say, that Women’s March was “simply” a protest against D. Trump, organized by people upset of his victory and those from minor communities such as LGBT, Black or Brown people, disabled ones, survivors of sexual assault, Muslims and emigrants from various countries, who have a fear of new presidency’s influence on their life. This argument could be understandable due to loud Trump’s statements during speeches, about “Making America a good country again” by “cleaning” it from those, who cannot bring any profit to the country: Syrian and Libyan people, Mexicans… However, that is a way to far from true. Marchers came to Washington from different areas of USA, to remind D. Trump on his first full day n the office that women’s rights are human rights, that he cannot ignore such a great number of women who do not want to put up with a control he is taking over them. Women want to show, that they want to stay independent from men, stay an equal gender in all aspects starting from job to parenthood. They performed against the domestic violence that some women still experience, to express their support to peace. Archers also highlighted there is a psychological violence as well, which is a way even worse. Those, who suffer from it, isolates themselves from environment, cannot talk about it to anyone, loose their confidence. That is why Donald Trump should pay attention to those aspects and remember about being the President and staying more careful with words, as they are being printed and rehearsed in defend ways. Perfect example is President’s Twitter, where he posts quite discriminating and insulting content regarding known and respected women. For example, his comment about Clinton “If she can’t satisfy her husband, how can she satisfy a country?” went viral and raised a tide of unsatisfaction of such impoliteness towards his opponent.

What is more, President’s choice to stay himself — disrespectful to women in public, is not the only thing that makes Marchers feel angry about. Donald Trump signed a document, which will stop government’s money going to organizations, which perform or provide information on abortions. Keeping in mind, that just recently a group of feminists has made a parade to call on women to donate their uterine and let embryo to grow in incubators, to stay as equal to men as possible. President’s abortion ban did not make anyone happy too. Such men’s control over women’s healthcare and abortion decision makes women feel discriminated. So, this Trump’s action during the first days of being the most important person in USA, is one of the reasons of Women’s March campaign.

Despite all those aspects, some women say, that they do not want to minimize Trump’s value to America and his attempts to make things better, they do believe he is a smart men and will listen to those, who have what to say about feeling bad or insulted. Dingell, women from March event said : “None of us are single issue voters, we want to make sure Americans have quality, affordable health care, funding for Planned Parenthood and that women are treated fairly in the work place. I believe, Trump is a man, who listens to how people feel.” (CNN Politics, January 22, 2017).

Women’s March Campaign has received a huge interest from press’, citizens’ and politicians’ side. Everyone has paid attention to women’s problems they have mentioned during the performances and speeches. However, they do not stop. Surprisingly, straight after a few days of campaign, they have launched a new option on their website , which lets all women from different edges of the world to participate in their movement and raise such campaigns between the 1–11 February 2017.

To conclude, I would like to say, that Donald Trump’s presidency will bring a lot of changes, which will influence the whole world. Some of them might be unpleasant as well as his actions in a relation to women’s healthcare and rights. They might make us feel angry and irritated. However, thanks to him Women’s March campaign has been launched and it’s participant made us pay attention that there are still women, who suffer from violence, being unheard and treated unfairly. Thanks to Trump’s behavior, we (women) have been heard…

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