President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has always stayed on top of the most beloved topics in a relation to politics, he is probably one of the most discussed leaders in the world. However, when half a year ago current President of the United States Donald Trump said, that President of Russia is a better leader Than Barack Obama, this argument attracted even more attention to Putin’s leadership. According to the survey published on the website called www.debate.or 79% of people support him and think he is a good ruler. From my point of view, his supporters are right, Putin has done many good jobs for Russia and raised it from the economical bottom higher.

First of all, I would like to mention that in September 2015 there was a decision regarding Russian’s involvement in Syria’s war. Federation council has authorized President’s right to use the armed forces in Syria. Putin answered to to Bashar al-Assads request for help and since then, Russia along with China has been supplying Syrian army with weaponry and its own soldiers to fight with ISIL and other terroristic groups.

Secondly, Putin has been selected as a new President of Russia during that time after USSR crash. It was a horrible time to live in for Russians, corruption, banditry, economic crisis and deficit of such simple things as food ruled the country. After the elections, a few years later, it all stopped and people saw better life. Citizen of Russia, during his interview, says: “We used to live really bad during Yeltsin’s leadership. With Putin thing got better and we are really grateful for life he has given to us.”

What s more, Putin has always shown himself as a supporter of peace, and according to him, always wants to find the diplomatic way to solve the conflict. However, circumstances such as a danger for his citizens do not leave him a choice except of using army to protects his country. But well, who would not do this for his country? Chechen war s a perfect example. When 300 people were killed by Chechens n 1999, Russia has started an operation called “anti-terroristic operation” in Chechnya. Putin said, it was meant to show the terrorists that Russia will not give p in fighting with the and since that time, bombing by Chechnya’s side has ended.

What is more, during Putin has raised the economic level of his country. Inflation has decreased from 36.5% to 6.5%, pension has reached a peak of 10,000 RUB (it was just 499 in 1999), income became higher 29 times. And despite the worldwide crisis in 2008, Russian economy did not suffer that much as other countries, due to massive energy deals, export and trading.

To conclude, I would like to say that people should not judge Putin as a person, they should look at him as at leader of the great country and think about actions he has done for it. V. Putin always fought for his country and did everything he could to protect it and increase the life level of citizens.

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