Recess: College Edition

Today’s class could not have fallen on a more appropriate day. I woke up this morning sleep deprived and more than a little bit irritable. I got myself all stressed out during organic chemistry lecture as I realized how far I had allowed myself to fall behind, and managed to spill coffee all over my hair (although my Patagonia was spared, praise be). Therefore, 50 minutes of solid goofy fun was more than just relaxing, but absolutely necessary. I didn’t even realize how much I missed recess until I had a taste of what it had been like today. Even in middle school, I used to be the kid who would stay in and work on math homework rather than go outside for recess. In hindsight, this was likely due to that weird in between phase of middle school, where all the girls felt they were too mature to just let loose and run around for 20 minutes. Instead, they would stand in little groups and gossip and in the winter, it was simply too cold to just stand around. After experiencing the liberating feeling of letting go of my inhibitions and insecurities today, I realized how much more fun I could’ve had in middle school if I had just stopped caring what other people thought. I started off the day pretty self conscious about what the other people around campus were thinking about me, but the end I was having too much fun to care. That is the kind of attitude I want to reflect to the outside world. I want to display a person who is confident enough in who they are that they can just let loose, be goofy, and enjoy life. I hope school districts realize the countless benefits of allowing their children time to play and just be kids. There is enough pressure to grow up and always be productive in this world, and schools do not need to add to this pressure. Kids should be allowed to be kids, and we should not be trying to quell creativity.

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