The thing I chose to bring in was the movie 500 Days of Summer. When asked to break it down into its different components, I realized that these individual parts all contribute to the reason I love the movie so much.

The first component I thought of, the plot, is one of the biggest draws of the movie to me. It is a unique story of a relationship, but without the typical happy ending one would expect from a movie of its genre. Instead of finding fulfillment in another person, the protagonist instead finds happiness in pursuing his dream on his own.

The next was the characters themselves. Each one adds a different flavor to the movie, and there is a little bit of each of the characters in all of us, which is part of the reason I find it so relatable. Going along with this, is the actors and actresses that play them. The movie would not have been the same without Zooey Deschanel or Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing their beloved characters. After this movie, they both become some of my favorite entertainers.

Next is the soundtrack. On its own, the soundtrack is phenomenal, but within the context of the movie, it is beyond incredible. It adds so much to the emotion and genuine nature of the movie.

The humor is the next part. The movie easily could have gotten away with being entirely serious, but would have come across as pretentious and like it was trying too hard. Instead, the humor helps to lighten the mood and makes it that much more entertaining.

The cinematography itself also greatly added to the overall movie. Unique scenes, playing a side by side comparison of expectations vs. reality and placing the main character in a post-hookup, musical inspired dance number on the street, helped to make the movie feel unique, fresh, and special.

Finally, and this is the least obvious input, was the producer’s bad breakup that led him to write the film. Without that, he never would have been in the frame of mind to produce what I feel is a masterpiece.

It is interesting to examine something’s pieces and realize how each one contributes to a greater whole. It makes you realize that every little thing you do could eventually add to a phenomenal end product. Without any one of these things, the movie would not have been what it is today.

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