Elk Lake — Laura Kinker

Finding balance

As a libra, I naturally seek balance but it’s not always easy. My biggest struggle is balancing the million different projects I want to do which usually ends up with me doing something mundane like housework (to avoid making a decision) or working on one thing while wondering the whole time if I should be working on something else. It’s maddening. And frustrating.

I don’t have any quick solution to offer you yet since I’m still working through this myself but I will say that balance comes easier once you decide what’s most important in your life. That could be family time, work, a project, going to the beach or whatever. And it can switch up each day and that’s totally ok.

Right now for me going to the beach to get a swim in is a high priority since I live in northern Michigan and these swim days are very limited. Once the weather chills, my priorities (and my balance) will change.

Balance is not about things being 50/50. Balance is about creating a life that feels like you’re devoting the right amount of time to each thing. Sometimes this means adjusting your expectations for how much time you can give everything. With only 24 hours in a day, you need to deal with the reality of time. But once you get past this and discover your priorities in life, finding balance should become much easier.