I am not afraid of winter

As I floated along on East Grand Traverse Bay on my little lounger this evening, enjoying the warm water, 89 degree temps and the glorious sunset, I couldn’t help but think about all the people who questioned our moving up to the Traverse City area, wondering how we’re going to survive the winter in such a place.

I am not afraid of winter!

Evidence #1. I moved here from Chicago:

Chicago Blizzard 2011 with my cat Sydney

Evidence #2. I grew up in metro Detroit.

Evidence #3. I’m a writer, photographer, artist and life coach who does most of my work (minus the photography) from home. I have no need to commute and quite enjoy a bit of a shut in situation. Now that we have a house (with a basement), we plan to stock up and be prepared. (We also have a fireplace AND a wood burning stove in case of power outages.)

Evidence #4. The winter months help me work. In the summer (and really nice autumn months) I find it really challenging to get any work done since all I want to do is be outside, preferably on a beach somewhere. Winter is when I do a majority of my work. Without it, I don’t know.

Evidence #5. Winter holds a certain sort of magic. I love glittery snow under a full moon and white expansive landscapes. I’m excited about capturing all this beauty this winter in such an amazing place.

Evidence #6. I used to be a downhill ski instructor. Briefly. In college. I’d love to get back to it, preferably with my very reluctant husband. We’re only 30 minutes from Shanty Creek and less than an hour from Boyne Mountain.

Although I’m in no hurry for it to arrive — I’m fully enjoying these glorious hot summer days at the beach and all the wonderful events and happenings going on everywhere — I’ll be ok once winter sets in, forcing me to slow down and take it all in.

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