I’m learning

I started this little daily writing on medium experiment over a month ago (August 2) as a way to get me committed to doing something that would (hopefully) one day make sense to me. So far it’s not making any sense, except proving that I can do it even though I’ve yet to write anything meaningful. One responder noted that you need a good solid why to keep you moving forward with a commitment and I admit I’m lacking a good one. I started this more on a whim, because I heard how someone else had done it, yet I feel like I haven’t done anything “real” with it.

I learned a long time ago that I don’t like writing articles. Although I’ve always considered myself a writer — I wrote my first full length novel when I was 13 — I’ve know that the more journalism aspect of writing isn’t for me. I took all the journalism classes through high school and college, quickly working as managing editor throughout my journalism career. I just realized that while I like the managing part — working with others, creating something out of nothing, getting things organized — I never liked the actual reporting/writing part. I hate chasing a story. I don’t like writing how to do anything.

When I write, it’s either fiction (think Bridget Jones’ Diary) or journaling (which my medium posts have turned out to be more than anything). I don’t mind sharing my thoughts but I don’t want to try to convince you that I know the best way to do anything. I don’t. I only know my way and, as a life coach, I help people figure out their way. That’s it.

I am continuing to post while I decide whether or not I want to continue to post. It’s one more thing in my long nightly routine (which is where it usually ends up) and I’m unsure whether that’s a good thing or not yet.