I had planned to spend today working around the house (again). There is always so much to do. But instead I took a spontaneous road trip with my husband up the coast (of Lake Michigan) and it was the best decision ever.

We drove up to Charlevoix, stopping off at a couple parks along the way, including Fishermans Island State Park where we collected a bag full of stones, some of them Petoskey.

Fishermans Island State Park — Laura Kinker

Look at all those rocks!! I could have stayed there all day. The lake is so warm. Too bad I had tennis shoes on (which got wet anyway).

We bought sweatshirts in Charlevoix and dined al fresco right before sunset, allowing me to capture the sun as it set in Lake Michgan.

Charlevoix Sunset — Laura Kinker

I’d take a day like this over housework any day. Beyond perfect.