The problem with living in a vacation town

East Grand Traverse Bay — Laura Kinker

I recently moved to a vacation type town in early June since my husband and I absolutely love it up here. We came from Evanston (outside of Chicago) where the hustle and bustle was real. Life has slowed down (finally) in many wonderful ways but we are finding ourselves facing new challenges.

Like the fact that since we’re living in a vacation town, we feel like we’re always on vacation. Which means (for me, anyway) that my diet has perpetually been in vacation mode. Chips, (sugar free) ice cream, burgers and fries have been my constant staples. Yes, we’ve been busy and overwhelmed trying to set up a new house while simultaneously navigating new career paths but I realized this evening that this vacation mode mentality is part of the problem. At least for me. Maybe my husband is cool continuing with his vacation diet ways but I know I need to make some major adjustments.

As the weather starts to cool and the visitors become less frequent, I think going back to old non-vacation routines will start to prevail as we begin to see our new house more as a home and less as a vacation spot. I’m looking forward to more salads, less eating out and less junk food.

I have a feeling that the summers will tend to bring out our vacation mode mentality and I’m ok with that. That’s part of the reason we moved up here — to relax, be out in nature and have fun. I’ll simply have to learn to contain the vacation mode diet more to the weekends.