This Week I Learned…To Trust My Gut

Week 2

We make decisions every single day. We take a stance on simple things like, should I shower tonight or in the morning? or, what should I have for breakfast? Sometimes our decisions are a bit more important and have larger implications on our day to day lives, like, can I maintain a vegan diet? or what trainer will I work with in hopes of becoming summertime fine before Memorial Day?

These are all decisions I’ve made this week by the way.

Then there are the times that we make huge decisions, choices that can ultimately change the course of our lives. I’ve made some really important decisions over-the-the last 8 months, one in particular that still haunts me. Was it the right decision? 51% of me says “yes!” while 49% of me says, “you idiot…

I’m currently in the process of courting a new mentor. On a call this week, my potential mentor was dropping major keys, but the nugget that stuck out the most?

Trust your gut.

This week I learned or was reminded rather, to trust myself. Moving forward I will make goal-based decisions, in confidence, and with no regrets.

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