WordCamp MTL 2015 - What I learned: Notebook sketches version

Hi! I’m Laura Lee. Thanks for passing by my first article on Medium! Oh, and yup, Lee as in Bruce Lee; That’s exactly the reason why you’ll find me on Twitter under the evocative name of @Missbruceleee.

I’m a Digital Art Director who’s also very much in love with Wordpress and UX. Don’t be shy, come say hi! If you’re curious, check out some of my work here.

WordCamp Montreal 2015

I had the chance to attend this year’s WordCamp Montreal edition, with some great colleagues of mine from Motion In Design. (a.k.a Iron Templates) I must say that some talks blew me away by both their content and their speaker!

I also took some notes during the sessions. Not that I don’t want to rely on the videos that will be available soon (quite the opposite!) but I find that when I scribble some thoughts passing through my head while listening, I find easier to remember the exact sentences pronounced by the speaker.

Sketchbook Scribbles

Upon suggestion by Richard Archambault @richardmtl, here are my sketchbook notes, where I tried to summarize each talk I liked the most, in one spread.

The opening talk from Design Engineer at Automattic @melchoyce and her view of the current and upcoming Design Trends in web and in the Wordpress world. (Slides here)

Sketchbook notes on Design Trends

I also attented a LOL talk on How To Create Website That Doesn’t Suck, by marketer @DizzyD7. (Slides here)

Sketchbook notes on Personas, UX & wireframing

Another funny session by designer @belindadarcey featuring racoons, red hair teachers and good lessons on how to surprise your audience in a wisely named talk Beyond UX: Designing for Delight. (Slides here)

Sketchbook notes on Designing for Delight

I particularly enjoyed Luca Sartoni’s (@lucasartoni) talk about pricing and value, and his metaphor explaining Why The Plumber Always Wins. (Slides coming soon)

Sketchbook notes on Pricing and learning your value

Fellow designer Elana Rudick, founder of @designisyummy talked about some Theme Strategies for Designers (Slides here)

Sktechbook notes on using 4 different types of Wordpress website for different purposes

Last but not least, the brain behind (almost) all great landing pages built in Montreal, Brendan Sera-Shriar from @Day_Champ and his talk about A/B Testing with Wordpress (Slides coming soon)

Sketchbook notes on A/B Testing

Other interesting sessions I attended include: Typography, Web Fonts & Your Website by @drjecker (Slides), Jetpack for Developers by @ryelle (Slides), How much cost a website French talk from @cafenoirdesign (Slides coming soon), and extremely insightful talk (in French) by Web Strategist @Bernard_Prince about Optimizing Google Analytics for Wordpress (Slides)

Thanks for reading :) Come by and connect on LinkedIn and Dribbble

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