Full Circle — apologia of darkness and light

Ellipsis, black, silver, ghostly white

DIAPOSITIVE 1.2 (Children of the light) [De School, Amsterdam]

slowly turning on its own axis

the pirouette of a mind

bowing to its indulgence

the creature is coming back

reflections of a silver crescent

Mirror or Moon?

Darkness and Light


refracting, bending waves

so that we may see

the extension of the obscurity

that divides us.

And for a second another dimension cracks through

fog wavers brushing an invisible veil

as sound bursts through the portal

like a drum in a valley

a beautiful ashy mist carried by beats

Broad, Profound

that deeply connected us, Children of the light.

Deeper understanding

is it that

we want to help each other because we are each other?

I am me because of you, not in spite of

matter, space


in a barren land with a cultivated rose

that uses its one seed to twist a root

into saplings


like euphoric jazz beats

demons fray and smoulder in the Circle of light

like the slow tremor of a piano key

bursting through deep, heaving bass


a mist that crushes fear

that propels, that enhances

a magnificent feverish glow.


mesh of questions, who are you?

A sweet spot where darkness blends into light

the pervading, grungy, powerful echoes of sound

wrapped in themselves,

taking the burden off our eyes

Full Circle

mesmerizing and grand

as it is bewildering.

Music is meant to be felt

like love in a black temple of unbroken sound

where we are all kinder in the turbid haze

Schooled by the lessons of a city that floats

Grande Dame

where dreams perpetually unfold

and nonsense is always just a flickering.

The art, the feeling, musings on DIAPOSITIVE 1.2 by Amsterdam-based visual artist duo Children of the light. The work is seen here as part of the visual residency for De School nightclub. It is a physical manifestation of light and darkness occurring as a blended force of duality, and pervaded by sound.