Now is not the time to go Green (Party)
Friends of the Earth

FoE … of course, i would not have expected anything less of your org … as you’ve truly never really been supportive of a clean energy carbon-free nuclear-free environment “friend of the earth” … and just in the last year you’ve tried and failed to do so (thus: your signature on an agreement with PG&E to close DIABLO NUCLEAR PLANT NINE YRS FROM NOW instead of insisting on closing it TODAY) … AND OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO ENDORSE HILLARY … who is in fact a supporter of NUCLEAR ENERGY ( FRACKING, FOSSIL FUEL/WALLSTREET CORPORATES etc. … you’ve made a very bad choice and endorsement at this time … as THIS IS THE TIME! … THERE IS NO BETTER TIME to endorse a GREEN PARTY PLATFORM … NOW! … clearly we know the polls have already concluded she’s in … but the MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR VOTERS TO DO RIGHT NOW WHO LOVE THIS PLANET & CARE ABOUT FUTURE GENERATIONS IS TO SUPPORT A CANDIDATE THEY BELIEVE IN … vote your conscience! … vote FOR someone who supports the environmental non-corporate stranglehold that exists in this duopoly … people in this country are in dire need of hope and a chance to turn their lives and future elections into a true democratic process of, by and for the PEOPLE! GREEN PARTY has that platform … and will give us all a chance to save this planet EARTH and HUMANITY! … peace out, laura.

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