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Lifecycle Marketing (aka: Engagement Marketing, aka: Email Marketing) is gaining in popularity, but many people don’t seem to know where to begin or what it even is.

In a Nutshell, Lifecycle Marketing Is…

An omnichannel approach to addressing users needs as they move through the stages of your marketing and product funnel. It requires a thorough understanding of your customer journeys, behavioral triggers and segments, and a commitment to retaining and growing customer value over time.

Examples of lifecycle marketing channels are email, in-product messaging, Facebook messenger, text message, etc. Many campaigns will use a blend of these depending on the message and audience.

Where the Lifecycle Marketer Fits On the Growth Team

Whereas most growth marketing roles are focused on acquiring users via paid acquisition, community building, and capturing organic traffic — Lifecycle Marketing takes over once the lead has been acquired. …


Lauralynn Stubler

Growth & retention marketing for startups.

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