Lifecycle Marketing (aka: Engagement Marketing, aka: Email Marketing) is gaining in popularity, but many people don’t seem to know where to begin or what it even is.

In a Nutshell, Lifecycle Marketing Is…

An omnichannel approach to addressing users needs as they move through the stages of your marketing and product funnel. It requires a thorough understanding of your customer journeys, behavioral triggers and segments, and a commitment to retaining and growing customer value over time.

Examples of lifecycle marketing channels are email, in-product messaging, Facebook messenger, text message, etc. Many campaigns will use a blend of these depending on the message and audience.

Where the Lifecycle Marketer Fits On the Growth Team

Whereas most…

One facet of growth marketing is understanding the onboarding flow for your product. Inside and out. What good is it to throw a bunch of resources at user acquisition when the experience to becoming a customer is full of friction? There is no such thing as “if we can get more people to sign up we’ll eventually figure out a way to convert them”.

Going through the acquisition funnel and onboarding experience is my litmus test when talking to startups. It tells me a lot about the company and if they empathize with their users.

Many times there are problems…

Creating a content strategy from scratch can seem daunting. It’s really not. Here are 6 easy steps to get you where you need to be to be able to start generating relevant content. I’m even throwing in a content strategy guide that I’ve used for a number of startups, and you can use for yours.

#1 Understand Your Audience

Gheesh, I know… right? Wait, hear me out. I’m not saying you need to spend a couple weeks doing persona validation and user research. All I’m saying is to start with what you know.

For the purpose of creating content personas answer these 3 questions:

I’m this excited for MHW!

OMG omg OMG omg … Marketing Hell Week (MHW) is back and we’re busting at the seams with all new growth hacks and speakers!

Last Marketing Hell Week (MHW) was one of the most inspiring, hectic, drinking-from-the-firehose experiences I’ve had since going through Tradecraft. And this August 1, we’re cranking the pressure to MOARRrrrr! 5 days, 21 speakers, 50 excitable entrepreneurs … think you can handle it?

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co-branded landing page banner

This is the story of our product launch & how, as a growth marketer, not being on Product Hunt was the best thing that could’ve happened. It’s a tale of angst, ennui, exhilaration, and winning.

But before we get there I’ll share our Product Hunt stats (since that’s probably the meat of what you really want to know).

Traction From Being On Product Hunt

International SEO Tips for eCommerce

Growth marketers are always on the lookout for new opportunities. How can we overcome the next hurdle or solve the next big problem? Generally speaking, that pertains to getting more users or increasing sales.

So I’m surprised that I don’t hear more about International SEO. When the Online Marketing Manager for SurveyMonkey, Eli Schwartz, came into Tradecraft to speak with my growth team he introduced us to optimization for markets outside the US. It’s definitely worth sharing, his process is straightforward and easy to understand and it can really be a game-changer for some companies.

In a nutshell, Global SEO…

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