An Experience Design Case Study

My Roles:

  • Market and user research


U.S. spends $87 billion a year imprisoning more than two million people, the largest official prison population in the world. Among the 620,000+ individuals released from prison each year, one third will return to prison at some point. While there are a number of predictors for recidivism, finding employment is one of the most important steps to assimilating back into society.

Aiming to help people break the cycle of incarceration by leveraging the power of technology and community, I decided to design an app…

Helping users track and understand their emotions on Instagram

The reason why I got rid of Instagram is because I was using it mindlessly and it was affecting me negatively so I would definitely use something like this.

My Roles

  • Market and user research


Social media has permeated nearly every aspect of our lives but we are only just beginning to understand how it impacts the way we think, interact and feel. …

Making shoe customization accessible to a broader audience

From selling to teaching

Launched in 2014, CestlaVic was originally an e-commerce platform where users can purchase a pair of handmade custom sneakers based on a design and brand of their choice. Now, Cestlavic aims to add a learning component to its platform and make shoe customization more accessible to a broader audience by helping people customize their own.

Due to the tight timeline (4 weeks) and the stakeholder’s current focus on pushing out educational content, we will be omitting the e-commerce component during this phase to focus on building out a platform where users can find creative inspiration and instructions to create their…

Laura Meng

Using human-centered design to inspire social change.

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