How to Use a Personal Brand to Sell More

1) Start putting content out there.

Creating original content is the best way to position yourself as the expert in your space. My two recommendations are:

  • A blog. I recommend WordPress because it’s free, easy to use, and search engines like it (making you discoverable!) Start blogging items of value; aim to provide insight, context and guidance for your prospective customers.
  • YouTube. Video is one of consumer’s favorite content types; combined with the search engine visibility of YouTube, filming a video off your cellphone may be the most powerful place to begin marketing your personal brand.

Utilizing these two mediums can help solve the problem of obscurity–people will start to know of you. However, at first you’re not going to have much of an audience, so start by creating content that will also be helpful to the people who walk in the door at the dealership.

  • competitive comparisons
  • redesign highlights
  • explanations of things like leasing
  • feature demos

Stuck on where to start with content? Write down some questions you get asked frequently from customers. These will give you a pattern to where consumers may be confused in the car buying process and where you can start to provide insight. So get started answering them! Again, the benefit is two fold. 1) You’re beginning to put your name and brand out there. 2) You’re also creating something you can hand customers when they come in. Imagine: you have someone who comes for a test drive that asks about the differences between 4Runner vs Highlander. They test drive and still insist to look at competitors, by giving them this article that provides value, you set yourself apart from all the other salespeople they may see that day. I also recommend doing things like using a video to explain leasing to a spouse who was not present. Remember, your content doesn’t have to be profound and you can always delete something later if you come to dislike it.

2) Tell your story.

Using a personal brand gives you an opportunity to offer insight, context, and guidance. Some of my favorite things to write about are why I started in the car business, why I choose Toyota, and what myths I’m trying to dispel. By telling your story using video and blogs, you are giving your customers an opportunity to begin to trust you.

3) Treat this like a business within a business.

Use your personal brand to promote yourself, like you would if it were your own business. Truly treat your sales position like your own business dependent on your own actions; this is what I call a microbusiness. Do things you would if this was your own store front, like:

  • Block some time out on calendar to create content
  • Spend time on social media finding what mediums best suit your brand.
  • Set goals for your business within a business.

Taking action like this is a way to take charge of your outcome and stop playing victim to slow internet and phone traffic. Remember, a brand can create differentiation, visibility, trust, and is a powerful tool to prospect to new customers. Get started now!

Laura Madison