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My Silent Retreat Experience Day 4

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I asked myself today, “How can I deepen my next silent retreat experience?” While I attended the afternoon and evening meditations I did not attend a single yoga class or early morning meditation. I would rather sleep and sit at the art table! But, doing something uncomfortable would be profound. Time to take it to the next level, y’all!

I did get up at 5:45 am today, excited to be able to people at lunch. Even though I never went to a 6:00 am meditation, I have definitely been getting up earlier throughout the retreat. Perhaps the silence has given me energy.

Art Table

As service for the silent retreat, I set up the creative area in the dining hall. I didn’t enjoy doing this as it was new for me. I had to go to multiple places, ask for help, and have multiple conversations. It’s so much easier to go in the kitchen where it is comfortable and familiar. I resented this service and rushed through my tasks. However, at the last minute, I looked over the creative offerings and decided to throw in a coloring book from my collection.

During the retreat I noticed how the coloring book was the most popular activity at the art table. That made me feel happy. In particular, I noticed one woman who was there whenever she had a free moment. Then during the sharing closing circle she talked about how magical it was for her and how she had never done anything like that. I cried when she spoke and my heart felt full of gratitude that I was able to participate in giving her that opportunity.

…………………………The silence created space for all of us…………….

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