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Interesting article David B. Grinberg. I’ve worked for both types of managers and I’ve witnessed the toxic environment that can be created by a monster manager. In either case, I believe a big part of mutual success is having a mutual respect for one another. But, more importantly, recognizing each other as human beings and not a number — or means to an end. We are human first, and then we are employees.

I’ve been immersed in bad management at times and I’ve seen how it can tear a person down — and that’s destructive for everyone. No one wins in that situation. No scenario is ever perfect, but we should do our best to be our best; which isn’t always easy especially if you are in the “monster” situation.

I remember being bullied by a former manager. It was really quite disheartening and just plain wrong. We didn’t have an HR department and our GM wouldn’t do anything about it so I handled it on my own and confronted my manager. From that point on, I started using my voice more and standing up for myself and others. He didn’t like it and it showed in other ways, but I was stronger for having done it.

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