Harley Quinn the standout character of Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad, the film includes a deadly gathering, who have assumed responsibility on the command of the legislature to control a person who is known for his superhuman methodology. The Joker is the capable person who is known for his fierce methodology. Then again, Harley Quinn, who was some time ago a specialist, begins to look all starry eyed at the Joker, however she once treated him at Arkham Asylum.

Sugar Skull Princess Harley Quinn for Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn used to function as a therapist at Arkham Asylum by the name of Dr. Harleen Quinzel and one of her patients happened to be the Joker. When she experiences passionate feelings for Joker, she changes herself into Harley Quinn wearing Harley Quinn Jacket with a slugger in her grasp. She is related to Suicide Squad’s most foreboding individual known as the Joker. She turns out to be frantically fixated on him and from being a typical specialist, she changes herself as the property of Joker, additionally specified in her Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket. Consequently she has her own centrality in the motion picture, similarly as every one of the characters are concerned.

Margot Robbie:-

As mentioned before Harley Quinn was once acknowledged as the specialist at Arkham Asylum and used to treat patients with mental issues that consolidated the Joker also. She is known for her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket moreover, is portrayed by Margot Robbie. She has been a guideline asset of the film Suicide Squad and is persistently parading her intriguing style clarification with a slugging stick, shaded hair, and red and blue silk coat with splendid covering on the shoulder.

The joining of Suicide Squad

Suicide got together when the organization was not capable control an enigmatical, unconquerable individual, so it took help from the deadliest super rapscallions. Joker was the proprietor of the Suicide Squad, while Harley Quinn was his accomplice and was in like manner the young woman who encounters energetic affections for him. Slighting that she just can’t survive without him and wildly goes gaga for him.


Harley Quinn Jacket is perceived style of Harley Quinn and is made of Satin fabric with inward sewed covering. The red and blue shaded coat is the indication of the coat and is known for its engaging appearance. Moreover, it incorporates Joker content on engraved on the back with front zipper conclusion and rib sew fasten, sleeves and neck area. The splendid shading lining on the shoulder and sleeves completes the general appearance of the coat.