Breastfeeding promotion is not just a public health measure. It is part of the War on Women — a concerted effort to essentialize them as mothers, ground them in their biology, and force them back into the home to be wives and mothers.
On Breastfeeding — My Body, My Choice
Mirah Curzer

I find this totally ridiculous, just because you choose to breastfeed your baby doesn’t automatically make you a stay-at-home mom. I work with my baby plucked in. I will continue to do so as long as he needs me to. I’m not less of a woman because I CHOSE to be a mom, because I love being a mom. You say “don’t push me to BF because that won’t make me more or less woman/person” but you are telling women who choose motherhood and BFing they are less a women for those choices, allegedly because they aren’t their choices but patriarcal society’s? Load of crap. Be equal. The message should be “do what you want and be who you feel the desire to be”. I’m not less or more for giving my own milk to my baby. You wouldn’t be more or less if you don’t.

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