How we take back our country

Last night, I stayed up late with my third-grader finishing his art project on the Founding Fathers. We made a tombstone for Benjamin Franklin, highlighting his pivotal role in building our nation. What fascinated Leo was that Franklin wasn’t a politician but an inventor, printer, and writer.

How far we have fallen as a country. Our current leader is also not a politician but a serial grifter, reality TV star, and sexual predator.

But people like me — and you — refuse to cede our country to the sleazy kleptocrats who have temporarily taken it over. We are going to fight everyday to reclaim the values and ideals that have made the United States of America the beacon of hope for the entire world.

And here’s the good news: We’re quickly approaching another election year, a chance to take back Congress and demolish Trump’s legislative power. The light at the end of the tunnel is in view. And even better, because of you, we have a real chance at victory.

This week, we learned that our campaign is neck and neck in fundraising with our Tea Partier opponent. Last quarter, he raised just a few thousand dollars more than us, and with our people-powered campaign, fueled by over 2,500 grassroots contributions, I know we’ll be able to pass him by the end of the year.

Let me tell you just how significant this is — our Republican opponent has been in Congress since 2001, and has the support of the GOP, their Wall Street donors, and of course the NRA. He should be raising hundreds of thousands of dollars more than us each quarter.

We’re proud to be running an outsider campaign. Although I’ve long been involved in politics, it’s always been as an activist and organizer. I’ve knocked doors and phone-banked for candidates and causes I believed in for years now. After Trump was elected last year, I founded an organization, Daily Action, to make activism easier for hundreds of thousands of working parents and other busy but dedicated (and terrified) Americans like myself.

I’m not a professional fundraiser or politician by a longshot — and I believe that’s a big part of why our campaign is doing so well. I’m not motivated by gaining power or fulfilling a childhood dream, but in changing real policy to benefit real people. Like you, I’m just doing what I can to make a difference every day, to fight for the world my children — and yours — deserve. And when regular people like us come together, we’re unstoppable.

This is one of the top targeted congressional seats in the country — one of the few districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, but is still represented by a Republican in Congress. If we can keep up this momentum, we will win this campaign, and potentially take back the House from the GOP.

But we can’t do it alone. We’re counting on your continued support to fuel this campaign and make this victory possible. Will you chip in today to let us know you’re ready to help take back our country?

To paraphrase Vice President Joe Biden, this is a big f-ing deal. Thank you for making this campaign possible so far, and thank you for your continued support in the future.

Your friend in the fight,