Michael — This is wonderful, and very useful.
Sara Eddy


As I read this article, I waited for a bit more interpretation as to “why” this term is so offensive and powerful when thrown a man’s way. It’s a no-brainer for me (because I’m female) to see the implication of vaginal secretions as “gross, disgusting, cheesy”: all the things hurled at women and now transferred as the imperial insult to man. In the same way “greaser” is used to insult a Hispanic, now white society must use an archaic “feminine” practice and object to reduce males judging males to the lowest common denominator. To say it smacks of sexism is trivial. Women then, are still used to erect the most repulsive slur a white man can hear from his fellow white man? Pretty pathetic. Get your own terms! I did like this powerful article, however, just as you did. Just my input.

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