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by Laura O. Foster

Last night I protested in Portland against Trump’s sending unmarked — and unwanted — federal troops, abrogating the power of our own state’s governor. These goons, who behave less like an orderly, trained peacekeeping force and more an unruly collection of testosterone-infused thugs — have attacked peaceful protestors and thrown people into vans without identifying themselves or probable cause, bringing to living color the specter of a totalitarian state.

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Some of the peaceful protestors, whom Trump is calling “lawless anarchists”

Donald Trump often goes too far, and this time his lurch toward authoritarianism is so alarming I could not stay silent. …

An obscure rail trestle in Portland, Oregon becomes a destination

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The McNamee Road train trestle, before the trolls arrived

Update, May 2020: Most of the trolls have been removed from the bridge; as new ones have been added, they have also been getting removed.

A full century after a wooden railroad trestle first spanned a logging road, trolls started to emerge from the forest. First there were just a few, but then word spread through Trollandia.

Other trolls — of every color and size — came to live at the trestle in the forest. …

I wrote this story for Travel Oregon in April 2018. The original, with photos, is on TO’s site: here. Travel Oregon, aka the Oregon Tourism Commission, is a semi-independent agency created by the Oregon Legislature in 2003.

In Ashland, nature and culture are in league for an exhilarating getaway. In this gorgeous, friendly Southern Oregon hotspot, you can explore historic parks and scenic bike routes, dine on farm-fresh bounty and wrap up your day rejuvenating at the city’s renowned spas. Here are six ways to build an Ashland vacation that satisfies all your senses, including that all-important sense of adventure.

1. Hit the trail

Explore Lithia Park, where downtown transitions into one of Oregon’s great public spaces. …


Laura O. Foster

I write about stairs, back streets and roads less traveled in and around Portland, Oregon. Find my books on Amazon and Portland-area booksellers.

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