For millions of children in America and around the world, Donald J. Trump will ground their conception of what an American president is.

Their first standard-bearer for truth, justice, and American values will be Donald Trump.

Once upon a dream

Once upon a time, a woman and a man had the same job. They were paid the same amount. The end.

Once upon a time, a woman didn’t wear make-up. No one cared. The end.

Once upon a time, a woman shared an idea in a meeting. The other members of the meeting later attributed the idea to her. The end.

Once upon a time, a woman and a man were up for the same promotion. The woman had better qualifications. She got the promotion even though she didn’t remind the boss of a younger version of himself. The end.

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Image: Krista Mangulsone via Unsplash

Last week, I asked how you knew you’d found your person. You can find all your lovely responses in this spreadsheet, with a small haphazard selection below.

In addition to being wonderful stories, a lot of these are nice ideas for how to show a friend or a partner you love them. Thank you to everyone who wrote in.

We met in primary school aged 6. I had just moved from France and didn’t speak English. I saw her in the playground with the longest, skinniest legs, wearing stripey tights and I knew I wanted to be her friend. Louise…

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Image: Brendan Church via Unsplash

I got an email recently from a reader named Dakota:

Have you ever done an edition asking readers how they knew that they were with the partner they wanted to be with forever? I’ve been doing some serious thinking about that question in my own life, and it occurred to me that you might have done, or be interested in doing, a readers’ answer edition based on that question.

Why thank you, Dakota, I would.

Let’s expand this to friendship, too. To put it in Shondaland terms, how did you know your person was your person?

Let me know here.

I’ve talked to a couple dozen people over the last few weeks who are running for office for the first time about how they should be using the internet as a tool to win. A lot of people have asked similar questions about digital campaigning, so I’m answering them in writing here in case they can be of help to other first-time candidates.

Feel free to share with a Democrat you know who’s running for office, or thinking about it.

(Context: I’m a digital strategist who’s spent the last 10 years working with and within campaigns, nonprofits, and advocacy…

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You had a mission this week: to notice people doing tiny kindnesses for each other.

Here’s what some of you saw:

My toddler and I were waiting in a long line at Russ and Daughters this morning, and a guy gave me a much earlier number. He’d somehow ended up with an extra number right after his, and waited until he saw someone he thought needed it. I gave my number to the last couple in line, and if they did the same, it might still be going. — Annie

A guy let me and my friend pet his two…

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This week I was sitting on a bench outside a sandwich shop with my dog, waiting while my boyfriend ordered our lunches inside, when a woman appeared in front of us and asked my dog if she wanted a treat. My dog did want a treat, she always wants a treat, and this woman seemingly had them at the ready in case she saw a dog who wanted a treat on the sidewalk because she had them in her hand and gave a little biscuit to Scully, then asked me if I wanted an extra in case Scully continued to…

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I made another Twitter bot. This one delivers one happy post every couple of hours. It’s called @ObamaPlusKids.

The bot posts pictures (mostly by former White House photographer Pete Souza) of adorable children interacting with an adult they seem to inherently feel they can trust. For me it serves as a regular little reminder that good things exist in the world.

Feel free to follow, or not if it’s not your thing. And have a nice weekend.

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I asked readers of Everything Changes what they’d tell their 18-year-old selves, if they could (inspired by this tweet).

You can read all the responses here, and below is a small fairly random selection. (Yes, someone did say “Wear sunscreen,” which I also think is good advice.)

  • Just because somebody is romantically interested in you doesn’t mean you have to be romantically interested in them.
  • Thirst is not a good look on you.
  • It’s okay to be nice to yourself.
  • You are right to want to get out, and you are right that you will not come back. …

Then make a plan to help her win.

I think of Concession Day, six months ago today, as one of the worst days of my life. Amid the many grim takeaways from that day, one for women came through loud and clear: Many Americans hate women and our prospective power so much they’d rather vote for a racist con artist who bragged about his sexual assaults than finally see our half of the population represented in the Oval Office. It’s the reason many women I know wouldn’t describe themselves as “over” the election, even half a year on.

The new…

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