The Systemic Impact Investors in Mexico- — the ones you’ve never heard of!

Imagine the ideal Impact Investor:

Bold, interdependent, profoundly conscious, risk-taking, always empowering others (not themselves), unstoppable in their quest for deeper impact, wise enough to be systemic, but humble enough to keep learning, with a deeper yearning for outcomes than the depth of their pockets and heroic enough to be anonymous (until now!). The ones beyond empathy, the ones who heal, transform and unite the cause with their own time and energy; the ones who regenerate the souls of their investees every time their stakeholders need it. Flexible enough to understand the circumstances, but strategic enough to question all assumptions. The fractures of the system, the real game-changers! The ones not tied to specific private or public agendas. These investors that want to evolve from a long standing paradigm of Separation and an economic system built on top of the concepts of scarcity, thus making everyone compete, driving investment decisions through our ego-centers and turn it into the paradigm of Unity building a new economic system based on abundance and prosperity thus making everyone collaborate, driving investment decisions through our eco-centers.

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These exemplary investors have a simple investment thesis fuelled by affective and cognitive trust on systemic change-makers. They invest overall with a definition of Love & Power from theologian and philosopher Paul Tillich:

  • Power: The drive of everything living to realize itself, with increasing intensity and extensity. So power in this sense is the drive to achieve one’s purpose, to get one’s job done, to grow.
  • Love: The drive towards the unity of the separated. So love in this sense is the drive to reconnect and make whole that which has become or appears fragmented.

Their love for their collective home: Mexico, drives them to invest beyond that which they have in excess, rather they even risk the wealth that is critical for their own families, companies and survival, thus putting a lot more skin in the game at stake than your average Impact Forum/ Summit goer.

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Good Impact, Better Impact, Best Impact

A very natural activity for those looking to invest for impact is to be seduced by good impacts that act at the symptoms level of problems. The change this impacts create is so incremental (lacking depth and long term effects) that it makes people obsess about scale and numbers of beneficiaries impacted. Some examples include investing in basic services for the BOP (bottom-of-the-pyramid)or last mile beneficiaries. Plenty of impact investors settle in this level of good impact, because of its seductive good nature, convenience and authentic do-gooder experience. At a first glance, it seems as the ultimate impact to save the oppressed. Social entrepreneurs are genuinely heroic about their impact; they do sacrifice a lot of personal interest for their cause.

New generations want to be social entrepreneurs and it is hard not to get bit by the #Socent #profitwithpurpose bug. Without a doubt solving symptoms like poverty, water scarcity, carbon emissions, are very worthy causes, but will the tackling of symptoms through Social Enterprise change the course of humanity?

As Pamela Hartigan once said: “I do believe that transformational systems change will never be achieved on a massive scale by non-profit organizations or even by well-meaning “hybrids”.

“When I feed the poor, they call me a saint, but when I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist.”- Dom Helder Camara- Brazilian Roman Catholic Archbishop.

If we question the system that is causing the symptoms that we are trying to solve, maybe, just maybe we can get to a deeper more systemic impact.

So, what investors in Mexico are fuelling the creation, transformation and regeneration of a new system? What Investors are evolving from investing for change to changing investing?

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Uncensored, unsponsored IMPACT

If we want to achieve systemic impact, we need to change the underlying structures and paradigms with which we invest for impact. It can no longer resemble a top down approach, nor a venture capital model approach.

The collective impact outcomes so far of the Systemic Impact Investors of Mexico (SIIM) is inspiring the deep questioning of the financial and the impact investing system at it’s core, and underlying this paradigm shifting outcomes they are also empowering ultimate beneficiaries in the longer term.

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Who are the investors and the companies that are moving this “metaphoric foot of oppression” away from the oppressed? Join us here to find out and get in your e-mail a feature of the investors and the companies that are changing Impact Investing in the following months.

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